Kittredge and Rasmussen on Their Return to the Bay

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The professional ultimate community has been buzzing with signing announcements for the past several weeks, but perhaps none are as significant as the announcement that the power couple represented by Beau Kittredge and Cassidy Rasmussen are returning to California. However, despite previous ties to rival franchise the San Jose Spiders, both athletes will be competing as San Francisco FlameThrowers this year – thanks in part to an agreement between the team’s management and their club program of the past eight years, Revolver.

Kittredge has won three straight AUDL championships, and was voted the AUDL MVP in two of those three years. Last year he added another gold medal to his collection as well, winning Worlds in London with Team USA. Rasmussen served as a “player-coach” of the FlameThrowers in 2014 and then subsequently won a championship with Kittredge and the rest of the Spiders in 2015. Both athletes joined the Dallas Roughnecks the following season; the team went undefeated and won the 2016 AUDL Championship.

Perhaps the biggest reason that Kittredge and Rasmussen came to San Francisco was an offer from the FlameThrowers which included creating a long-term and expansive partnership between their organization and Revolver. Revolver is one of the top club programs in the country, and their roster already includes many former Spiders players with AUDL championship experience as well as a large number of returning FlameThrowers.

Other factors that played a role in Rasmussen’s decision include a desire to travel less and be home more, as well as wanting to play with his long-term friends on the west coast. For Beau, it was about wanting to make a team out of Revolver players that would challenge themselves to perform at an elite level within both the AUDL and club contexts.

From even just a cursory glance at the final FlameThrowers roster, it is clear that the team is going to be a formidable force in the AUDL. Additional signings include Greg Cohen, who also won the AUDL championship in 2014 and 2015 with Kittredge and the Spiders, and Lucas Dallmann, who served as FlameThrowers captain for the previous two seasons. Dallmann and Cohen will be serving as captains alongside Kittredge.

When asked what originally drew him to the AUDL, Rasmussen said he wanted to “grow the sport, do what I love, and get paid for it. Nothing better than that!” Fortunately, his love has continued to grow the longer he has played in the league. “I am still improving,” he explained. “If you want to get better at something you need to take all the chances you are presented with to work on it.”

Kittredge chose to join the league “in hopes of changing myself and the sport for the better. I also believe the owner, Rob Lloyd, wanted to try and figure out how this could be a good thing for the players and owners and show the sport to the world. I love this sport and I want to share it with everyone. Being in the AUDL also pushes me to be a better player and a better person.”

So what are the two expecting from the FlameThrowers for this season? When asked, Rasmussen responded, “I expect us to be there at the end competing for a championship. That’s always the goal.” Kittredge agreed, adding, “I want to win another AUDL title.”

Rasmussen and Kittredge have undeniable chemistry on the field. According to Rasmussen, “we push each other at every chance we get, mentally and physically.” Kittredge says “we respect and love each other built on the amount of time we spend each week making ourselves the best possible players we can be.” Last season with the Roughnecks, the duo scored a total of 39 goals and caught 310 passes during 354 points played. Over that span, Kittredge dropped the disc only four times and Rasmussen just once. When they are on the field simultaneously, they have been described as an unstoppable force.

Kittredge has some lofty goals for the 2017 season. Individually, he wants to rehabilitate his shoulder so he can huck again. As far as the team dynamic goes, he wants to create superstars out of his teammates. “I want to win another AUDL title and hopefully take the Revolver style of discipline to the AUDL. I want to build on some old skills and make some new friends… I want to create a style of ultimate that is better than anything I’ve ever done before.”

Rasmussen also has some goals for himself as an individual. “My last two AUDL seasons have been inconsistent because of injury. I want to get back to playing most of the games and being healthy. I’m hoping that results in success for the team and my return to the All-AUDL team.”

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