It seems like no one can praise Antoine Davis highly enough this season. From Ultiworld editors to his opponents to his teammates and captains, his incredible athletic ability and spirit have earned him accolades throughout the AUDL (and as a member of Revolver as well). Anyone who didn’t know his name learned it quickly when

On a scorching Sunday in Oakland, a FlameThrowers team with only fifteen active rostered athletes handed the Riptide the second loss of their road trip weekend in a dominating fashion. The San Jose Spiders beat the Riptide first by just a single point the night before. At the start of the game, the Riptide earned

Guest article by Michael Kinstlick. Photo credit: Ron Sellers Two weeks ago, the FlameThrowers swept their only road trip to Southern California, beating both the Los Angeles Aviators and the San Diego Growers back-to-back. These two victories and their large point differential put them at the top of the Western Conference. Unfortunately, after a weekend

Photo Credit: Daniel Tsai for UltiPhotos Continuing their push for gender equity on and off the ultimate field, many of the FlameThrowers athletes who competed at the Cascades Cup are donating their salaries from the game to a local women’s team. The team is also hosting a showcase game before their home game against the

The FlameThrowers climbed to the top of the Western Conference last weekend thanks to a dominant road trip performance. This rookie defenseman was a key contributor to the team’s success against the Los Angeles Aviators. Almost halfway through the regular season, the San Jose Spiders and the San Francisco FlameThrowers both sit at 4-1 –

Spirits were high for the San Francisco FlameThrowers after traveling to Los Angeles on Saturday and San Diego on Sunday to collect two more wins. Those placed the FlameThrowers at the top of the Western Division with a record of 4-1. The FlameThrowers took their game on the road this weekend for an important back-to-back trip

The San Francisco FlameThrowers were feeling the heat on Saturday evening and took down the San Diego Growlers in a decisive victory that showed just how powerful the team can be when they hit their stride. The FlameThrowers are proving themselves as the team that everyone knew would be a force to reckon with this

The San Francisco FlameThrowers had the help of some elite female-identified athletes when they took the field during last Friday’s Cascades Cup in Seattle. After four full quarters of thrilling action, the mixed FlameThrowers took down the Seattle Cascades with a final score of 17-16. The teams traded points for much of the first quarter

Notes on the Cascades Cup

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Notes On The Cascades Cup Hello, Bay Area ultimate fans! The FlameThrowers management has a lot of information about The Cascades Cup that we feel has been inadequately presented thus far. We would like to explain to our fans the origin of the Cascades Cup challenge, the process for roster selection, and how the FlameThrowers

Photo Credit: Darren Yamashita The San Francisco FlameThrowers earned a decisive 34-29 victory this Saturday at their home opener against local rivals the San Jose Spiders. The two teams will face again next weekend at the Spiders’ home opener on April 8 before the FlameThrowers head to Seattle for the Cascades Cup, a mixed-gender AUDL